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Infocomm Club

Given how central technology is to our lives, its presence is both immutable and inseparable from all other facets of work and play. At North Vista Infocomm, we are committed toward equipping our students with the core skills required to independently develop projects and deciphering new tools and workflows. Our students are taught a diversified skillset: they are equipped with the foundations of photography and video, and under the Smart Nation initiative, they will also acquire the basic principles of coding, learn problem-solving skills and experience its direct application in games and mobile applications.

We are currently aligned with IDA and seek to implement programmes that would reach out to students outside of the club. We have also recently completed development of the school studio and we look forward to the creative possibilities it enables.

Do check out pictures taken by our club at:

Mr Victor Lam
Mr Tay Chee Thong
Mr Tan Jia Rong

Training Schedule




Tuesdays  3.30 pm – 6.30 pm Computer Labs 1 & 2