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National Cadet Corps

NV NCC aims to provide all cadets a dynamic, exciting and memorable CCA experience. Cadets can participate in a variety of activities such as foot drill, arms drill, shooting, kayaking, camp craft, precision drills, paintball and many other team bonding activities. The unit believes in developing leaders and provides many opportunities for the cadets to lead and serve. Top performing cadets are given the opportunities to participate in overseas excursions organised by NCC HQ.

Being closely affiliated with the Singapore Armed Forces, our cadets have the privilege to experience training and activities conducted by army regulars. They can have the opportunities to visit army camps and use the facilities at NCC HQ.

Our unit has performed well at inter-unit competitions organised by NCC HQ. Since 2010, we have consistently attained GOLD for Best Unit Award.

Mr Lim Shian Ruenn
Mr Ong Ben Ping
Ms Dino Loo

Training Schedule





3.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Parade Square / Classrooms


- Best Unit Competition Gold

- Best Cadet Award


Sec 1

-  Camp Forge
-  1 star Kayaking Certification
-  Basic Survival Programme

Sec 2 

-  Camp Steel
-  First Aid Course
-  Precision Drill BI Course
-  Free Style Drill BI Course
-  PTI Course
-  Unarmed Combat Course
-  National Reading Programme


Sec 3

-  Specialist Assessment
-  Senior Specialist Course
-  National Reading Programme 
-  Precision Drill AI Course
-  Free Style Drill AI Course
-  Outstanding Cadets may represent Singapore for Overseas Trip to HK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Sabah, Brunei, USA, Thailand and Germany.

 Sec 4

- Cadet Officer Course
- Army Half Marathon


-     Best Unit Competition

-     National Shooting Competition

-     Free Style Drill Competition

-     Precision Drill Competition

-     Mini League

-     Sport and games Day

-     Orientating Competition

-     NCC Road Relay

-     Fitness Challenge

-     GOTC ( Guardians of the City)

-     NDAC (National Digital Arts Championship)


NCC Day Parade
-   NDP Parade