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Our Crest & Anthem

North Vista's iconic campus is not just a mere physical structure; it is a hub of creativity and enterprise. Numerous bazaars, lunch rock concerts, project exhibitions and other innovative activities keep the campus sizzling with life throughout the year.


Our school logo is shaped like a globe with two hands supporting it. The globe represents a desire to develop a global outlook whilst the golden glow on the globe signifies a new beginning. The two supporting hands show the support for our students' quest for knowledge, innovation and enterprise. The stylised and bold 'NV' symbol advocates a vibrant school. The effervescent school motto, Viva La Vista, symbolises the philosophy and vision of North Vista. The ring around the globe represents an all-round development to achieve the desired outcomes of education.


Lyrics (starts from the eighth second):

We will stand up for North Vista
With pride and commitment
We'll triumph in knowledge and wisdom
To give our school a name

Let all our hearts be strong and stirring
Our colours flying high
In whatever we endeavour
We shall do the best we can

Come heed the call, Vistarians
Onward we shall go
With honour and glory before us
Viva La Vista!