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Principal's Message

At North Vista Secondary we aim to mould our students so that we can see each of them as unique individuals who are anchored in the values of Care, Respect, Discipline and Enterprise.

My teachers and I are committed to all-round excellence and to the development of confident Vistarians who see possibilities for themselves in this globalized world and seize opportunities to make it better.  We achieve our goals through rigorous and extensive Academic and Affective Programmes. We strive to create a learning environment that is challenging, diverse and supportive. We recognize that each Vistarian learns differently and thus, our pedagogical approaches are varied and multi-pronged.

The Vistarian Experience! opens each student to A World of Possibilities.  Although academic results lie at the heart of one’s education, we feel strongly that there is much more to life and school. Developing into a well-rounded individual entails much more than just academic pursuits. It means experiencing friendship, competition, leadership and teamwork. It could mean performing a dance on stage, singing in a musical, participating in an overseas learning journey, volunteering at a charity organization, scoring the winning goal in the last 2 seconds of a match.  It is the passion, laughter and tears of our daily experiences that make The Vistarian Experience! complete.

In North Vista Secondary, we strive to provide opportunities for Vistarians to enjoy rich and meaningful years in school.

The Principal