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Student Initiatives by Prefectorial Board

By Nur Nawal (3E3) – Vice-Head Prefect

The student leaders from the Prefectorial Board will be embarking on several upcoming projects.

The First Initiative: Student Forum

The Student Forum is planned by Mysha (3E5), Dhiyaulhaq (3E4), Claire (3E1) and Nawal (3E3). The objective of this Student Forum is to allow us to reach out to Vistarians and provide them with a platform to raise their concerns, suggestions and feedback with regards to school matters and enable us to understand perspectives better. 

We have come up with four sets of questions to help us understand each level’s specific concerns. A form will be sent out to all Vistarians to collate their responses. These responses will also be consolidated and presented to the School Management Committee (SMC).


The Second Initiative: Student Welfare Project

The Student Welfare Project consists of two projects, namely The Green Project and the NV Family Well Wishes Board. 

1.    The Green Project aims to instil the values of recycling in Vistarians by making the process of recycling in school more convenient and accessible. The Green Project will also teach Vistarians to take responsibility for the environment. It will be carried out in Week 10 and handled by each class’ Environmental Champion. An announcement providing more information will be made later in the term.

2.    The NV Family Well Wishes Board is meant to encourage and motivate our peers to stay strong and push through difficult times such as coping with studies and the stress of preparing for the O Level examinations. We would also want to cultivate a culture of Care that is part of our school values. It is a board where students can write encouraging messages to inspire others to stay resilient and push on. This project will be executed in Week 11.

These are some of the upcoming projects and initiatives that you can look forward to, specially curated by the Prefectorial Board. 


Thank you for your time and attention!


Nur Nawal

Vice-Head Prefect