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VIA Project - Hand Sanitizers for NV

In an effort to keep us all safe and clean, the CCE department along with the Science department have worked together to produce hand sanitisers for the students usage in the classroom and other sites around the school. This project is a combined Values-In-Action (VIA) Project between 4E1 and 4E2 students along with their Form Teachers the VIA Team and the Science department.  

The hand sanitisers have been placed in each class as well as the canteen, study benches and special rooms throughout the school. The sanitisers also contain Tea Tree Oil for smoother skin J We strongly encourage all students and staff to make use of the sanitisers to remain clean, safe and healthy. We also hope to send the message of CARE out to all students and staff to highlight how we can all do our little part to keep those around us safe during these challenging times!

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