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Youth Day Celebrations 2020: Giving Back to Community

By Phiona Peh (3E3)

On 3rd July, we celebrated Youth Day in North Vista Secondary School. Have you ever wondered why it is important to celebrate Youth Day? For me, I think it is to remind ourselves that we are young and zestful, and that we can achieve anything we set our minds to. 

Together with the other Vistarians, we had a meaningful Youth Day Celebrations planned by the student leaders from the Class Committee EXCO, as we gave back to the community by giving care packs to the migrant workers (through ItsRainingRaincoats) and underprivileged families in Sengkang (through Sengkang Family Services Centre).

Youth i.png

Prior to Youth Day, a poster was put up on each class’ noticeboard by the Class Committee EXCO to inform the students of the items needed in the care packs - food items and basic toiletries. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive as I was afraid that the response would be lukewarm. The day after the poster was put up on the class noticeboard, I brought a packet of cream crackers to class to put it into the donation collection box. To my surprise, the box was already overflowing with a wide variety of items! I am very grateful to all my fellow schoolmates who helped pitched in.

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On the day of the celebration, each class was provided with a minimum of 10 empty bags to fill with items which would then become the care packs. As we packed the items into the care packs, we realized that the 10 bags we were provided with were not enough to hold all the items despite having each bag being filled to the brim with all the goodies! Cards were also prepared by the Class Committee EXCO for us to pen down words of encouragement for the migrant workers. To me, I feel that writing these notes of encouragement is really important so that the migrant workers would know that we are here for them and that we will support them during the crisis.

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As soon as school ended, the donations were delivered to ItsRainingRaincoats and Sengkang Family Services Centre. Looking at the photographs of the foreign workers receiving the care packs with smiles on their faces, I feel elated at how much they appreciated our efforts. I feel a great sense of joy being able to help others in need, and make a difference to people who are struggling due to the Covid-19 situation.  

Being a youth, I believe that we should take advantage of every opportunity to contribute to the good of society. There are so many people who have done so much for us and it is time for us to give back to the community. As an individual, I believe that spreading awareness of those who are in need is really important to get help for them. We have to help each other so that our community will emerge stronger together.