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School Rules & Regulations

Code of Conduct

Every Vistarian is expected to be a responsible and independent student with a positive attitude towards school, work, and the community.  The following code of conduct should be remembered at all times:

Be well-behaved, courteous and helpful.
Take pride in wearing the school uniform.
Engage in constructive work quietly even without supervision.
Respect school property and the environment.  Keep the school premises clean.
Maintain equipment in good condition and keep after use.
Move quietly and in an orderly manner from one place to another within the school.

Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification (e.g. tapering of pants, shortening of culottes and pants) to the uniform is         not allowed. The school badge must be worn with the school uniform at all times.
The school uniform must be purchased from the school bookshop. 
Students must be in appropriate school attire whenever they are in school including Saturdays and during the school holidays.
Shirt/Blouse should be neatly tucked-in at all times.
Students cannot roll or fold up the sleeves. 
Culottes should cover the thighs and reach the top of the knees (for girls only). Pants must be of appropriate length (for boys).
Students are to be in full school uniform when reporting to school in the morning on Mondays. 
On Tuesdays to Thursdays, students may report to school in full school uniform or school polo T-shirt with pants/shorts/culottes.
Students are to be in full school uniform/ school polo T-shirt with pants/shorts/culottes for all lessons except for PE/ESS.
Students must wear PE/ESS attire during PE/ESS lessons. Students engaged in outdoor activities (e.g. CCA, games, public cleaning)                must be in appropriate school attire. School polo T-shirt may be used as PE T-shirts.
Students are to be in proper school attire when leaving school.
On Fridays, students may wear the current year’s school T-shirts* for the day. T-shirts must be tucked in when worn with school                         pants/shorts/culottes. Students must still change to PE attire for PE lessons on Fridays.
Sweaters should not have objectionable words, messages or images.

* Polo T-shirt, PE T-shirt only. Class T-shirt, CCA T-shirt are not allowed.


Students are to wear white school shoes or predominantly white sports shoes with white laces. 
Socks must be completely white with no logos and worn visibly. 

3. HAIR (Head and Face)

For Girls:
Hair that touches the collar or below must be tied up or braided.
Fringe must be kept above the eyebrows.
Hair must be of its natural colour and not tinted.
Eyebrows must not be penciled over.

For Boys:
Hair must be short and neat. No outlandish hairstyles are allowed.
Hair at the sides must not touch the ears, the back must not touch the shirt collar, and the fringe must be above the eyebrows.
Hair must be of its natural colour and not tinted.
Beard, moustache or long sideburns are not allowed.


For Girls:
Only black hair clips, ribbons, hair bands or hair accessories are allowed.
No bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains, brooches or wristbands are to be worn with the school uniform.
Only plain, simple gold, silver, black or blue ear studs can be worn.
Only a pair of ear studs is permitted at any one time.
No make-up is allowed when in school uniform.

For Boys:
No bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains or wristbands are to be worn with the school uniform.
Boys are not allowed to wear earrings or ear studs.

Students must keep short, clean and unvarnished finger nails.
Students should always come to school in clean uniform.
Students should consume food and drinks only in the canteen. 
Students should return all used utensils to the respective canteen receptacles after eating. The canteen is out of bounds to all students             during lessons.  
Students should keep the school grounds clean.
Students are to keep the toilets clean.

All students must attend the Flag-raising and Pledge-taking ceremony in the morning.
Students are to assemble at the parade square in a quiet and orderly manner for the Flag-raising ceremony.
Students must stand at attention with their respective classes during the ceremony. Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the             National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
Non-citizens will stand at attention.

Attendance in school is compulsory.
A medical certificate is required for absence from school.
Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without permission.
Any student who wishes to leave the school during school hours has to be accompanied by his/her parent who shall fill in and sign the             ‘Leaving School Early’ Record Book in the General Office. 
All students must be punctual when reporting for school, class or any other school activity.
Students who are late for school repeatedly will attend detention.

Students may bring electronic devices to school only if their parents/guardian have given them permission to do so and the devices are             brought at their own risk. The school will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
Mobile phones, electronic gadgets such as music players and games should not be used during curriculum hours.
Mobile phones will be stored for safekeeping during curriculum hours. 
Students are not allowed to use their phones during curriculum hours without teachers’ permission.

Students caught breaching the above rules will have their devices confiscated.

Students should always be careful with their own personal items.  Do not leave valuable items such as wallets, mobile phones and                    cameras unattended.
Tattoos and body art (even stickers or non-permanent ink) are not allowed.
Students are to leave the classroom during recess.
Students should remain in the school premises after school hours only if they are engaged in an organised or approved activity.
Students who cycle to school are to wear proper headgear.
All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapons. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is             used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.
Our Discipline Policy

Level 1 Offences

Possible actions

·    Littering

·    Late-coming

·    Skipping classes

·    Using vulgar language

·    Not doing assignments

·    Improper attire & grooming

·    Unauthorised use of electronic devices during curriculum hours

·    Damage of school property due to mischief or irresponsible behaviour

·      Detention

·      Corrective work

·      Informing parents

·      Reflection session

·      Confiscation of item

·      Counselling/warning

·      Partial payment for damages

·      Other appropriate disciplinary action deemed necessary by the school

Level 2 Offences

Possible actions

·    Theft

·    Forgery

·    Possession of illicit materials

·    Vandalism

·    Smoking

·    Fighting

·    Abuse of technology

·    Open defiance and/or rudeness

·    Cheating in assessments/tests/exams

·    Level 1 offences committed persistently will be considered a Level 2 offence

·      Counselling/Referral to external agencies

·      Suspension from school

·      Caning (for boys)

·      Compensation

·      Corrective work

·      Police assistance

·      Informing parents

·      Awarding zero marks for cheating during tests/exams

·      Other appropriate disciplinary action deemed necessary by the school

Level 3 Offences

Possible actions

·    Truancy

·    Gambling

·    Drug/Inhalant Abuse

·    Arson

·    Possession of weapons

·    Leaving school grounds without permission

·    Assault

·    Gangsterism

·    Bullying or cyberbullying

·    Extortion

·    Level 2 offences committed persistently will be considered a Level 3 offence

·      Counselling/Referral to external agencies

·      Suspension from school

·      Caning (for boys)

·      Informing parents

·      Corrective work

·      Transfer out

·      Police assistance

·      Expulsion

·      Other appropriate disciplinary action deemed necessary by the school

* Final decision will be at the school’s discretion.
  • Discipline action may be taken by any of the parties below:
    • Form/Subject teacher
    • Counsellor
    • Discipline Committee
    • Principal/Vice-Principal
    • Police
    • External Organisations
  • Level 2 and 3 offences will recorded in the School Cockpit system. The student’s conduct grade will also be affected.
  • Students who commit Level 2 and 3 offences may not be considered for leadership positions, camps/overseas trips and school representation. They may also be removed from their positions or withdrawn from a programme/competition.