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English Language & Literature

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The English Language and Literature programme at North Vista Secondary aims to develop Vistarians into adept users of the English Language. Through a rigorous and dynamic curriculum, students are developed into confident speakers, active listeners, and proficient writers and readers of the English Language.

An Inquiry into the Use of Questioning in Reading Comprehension



The desire to make reading comprehension more engaging for our students prompted Mrs Anna Stephen and Ms Daphne Huang to embark on a year-long professional development journey with Master Teacher/EL from ELIS. Through the formation of a Special Interest Group, our colleagues explored how teachers could build their students’ ability to pose questions that would reflect their curiosity as readers and engender more thoughtful and critical reading of texts. The learning moved from discussions to lesson planning and finally to the actualisation of the lesson in the classroom.

Storytelling Workshop for Secondary Ones

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A signature programme of the department, storytelling with Mrs Rosemarie Somaiah, a Singaporean author and internationally acclaimed storyteller, aims to engage students through the art of storytelling to develop a love for the language.

While enjoying themselves during the workshops which were conducted weekly for a term, students not only acquired storytelling and presentation skills and techniques but also learned to appreciate and apply dramatic techniques like tone and voice in storytelling. The storytelling workshop exposed students to many forms of learning like cooperative learning and multi-modal learning when they had to work with their peers to tell their chosen folklore in the best way possible. They also gained a deeper knowledge of concepts like plot development, characterization and theme which helps them in their literature classes. This year, there was more emphasis on developing individual mastery of the story as well as the use of different techniques like visualisation for their final presentation resulting in a higher level of sophistication in the delivery of the students’ chosen folklore.

Secondary Two Talent Development Programme (TDP)

In its third year running, the Secondary Two Talent Development Programme is specially tailored to provide our Secondary Two students a chance to enhance their language acquisition and further develop their passion for the English Language. This year, our collaboration with Julia Gabriel Centre gave our students an insight into world of public speaking and debating through a 10-week long after-school enrichment programme. The programme allowed for our students to develop their confidence and to acquire the finer points of public-speaking. Students also capitalised on opportunities to engage in debates with their peers as they learnt how to develop and present their arguments in a debate.

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The Amazing Race – A Vista Week Programme organised by Madam Tiong Mee Choo (ST/EL)

As part of the myriad of programmes for Vista Week, 198 Secondary 1 Express students pitted their linguistic and literary prowess against one another in teams of five to six in an Amazing Race.

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Inspiring Teacher of English Award (ITEA)

The Inspiring Teacher of English Award is a national award for English teachers in Singapore schools that acknowledge teachers who ignite a love for the English Language and are effective in helping their students speak and write accurately.

The department is proud to announce that Ms Michelle Tan was conferred with the award for 2017.

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