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In NV, we want our students to be excited about doing Mathematics. NV mathematics curriculum recognizes the diversity that exists among students and the belief that all students can learn mathematics. We want our students to understand Mathematics and become competent problem solvers who appreciate how Mathematics is applied in the real world. Our school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – Investigative Science in Health & Sports provides students with opportunities to apply mathematical concepts to authentic situations. Students are guided to make detailed observation, analyze evidence by examining real data derived from a variety of fitness contexts and interpret data collected.

The Mathematics department aims to
      1. engage students through providing a differentiated academic curriculum and a learner-centred environment, harnessing the strengths of ICT and curriculum innovations,

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    2. excite students through the use of experiential learning and technology that allows them to see the relevance of Mathematics,

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    3. enrich students by creating learning opportunities for students to analyse, interpret, formulate, make connections and apply                      mathematical concepts to real situations.

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Mathematics Trail

To enhance learning and nurture the joy of learning, the Secondary 2 Express and Normal (Academic) students took part in the Mathematics Trail, an organised race where students use creative thinking skills to solve real-life problems at five different stations. To ensure learner engagement, a competitive element was introduced as students used the Surface Pro tablets to navigate the race and unlock different stations in the shortest time possible.

The trail was a great opportunity for students to experience the relevance of Mathematics around us and work together as a team.

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Singapore Mathematics Competition for Normal Course

This competition aims to stimulate greater interest and enrich students’ knowledge in Mathematics and provide an opportunity for Normal Course students to showcase their talent in mathematical knowledge and skills through solving challenging questions.

Lower Sec NA Individual - 10th (Low Zhong Li Melvin - 2N1)

Upper Sec NA Individual – 19th (Axel Olivier Koh - 4N3)

Upper Sec NT Individual – 3rd (Ron Sim Rui An - 4T1)


Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Training & Competition

As for our Talent Development Programme, a 10-week Math Olympiad Training was organised for a selected group of Secondary Two Express students. This training programme aims to develop in our students’ higher-order problem solving skills which include non-routine, open-ended and real-world problems.

In the Singapore Math Olympiad competition 2019, Hans Edison Bin Sam Samudra (2E4) achieved an honourable mention.

Math Challenge

On 28 March 2019, three groups of Sec 4 students participated in the Maths Challenge organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The activities are designed to expose the participants to interesting and engaging aspects of Mathematics. They applied their mathematical knowledge through participating in a series of stations. The students also participated in the Mathematics quiz segment by solving challenging mathematical questions online within a tight time limit.

The team consists of Yang Chi Hua, Aleczandria Sampang Villagracia, Gan Jieyi, Kervell Loo Jiale, Song Jihoon, Tan Kuang Liang Keen, Gabriel Lee Jun Rong, Dylan Andre Yeo Jun Wen, emerged as champion for Game and Quiz segments.

Another team consists of Tuak Zhong Xuan, Norman Choo Jin Hao, Yew Yiheng Austin, Yong Sing Yek Alex, Karin Teo Jia Xuan, Faith Tan Min Xuan, Heng Zi Bin, Maurice, Teo Kah Guan also did the school proud by emerging as champion for Alpha Blast.