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Mother Tongue

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Chinese Language

The Chinese Language Curriculum aims to develop students’ passion and interests in Chinese Language. With the goal of helping every student to achieve the highest level of Chinese Language, we adopt various teaching methodologies to cater to the different needs of our students. We provide vibrant and effective teaching to enhance the students’ communication skills and inculcate their cultural awareness and appreciation. We organise various exciting and enriching programmes to engage our students in the learning of Chinese Language. These programmes include:- Cultural Language Camp, Mother Tongue Fortnight, Learning Journey, Author-in-Residence Programme (Reading and Writing), Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme,Conversational Chinese and Malay(CCM), Reading Programme and Language competitions etc. The Chinese Language Curriculum also seeks to preserve our traditions and core values and thus maintain our leading position in the competitive world. 




Malay Language

The Malay unit aims to provide an authentic learning experience of the Malay language. The academic outline and enrichment programme aim to educate and empower students to create their own learning experience in acquiring language skills and cultural exposure. As we believe in the need for authentic interaction in the learning of Malay language, enrichment programme provide students with the basic knowledge to facilitate them in the self-directed project work. In addition, the different enrichment programme would enable students to ‘read the word and the world’. Through these programme, we hope to nurture our students to be critical readers, creative writers and reflective thinkers. We also seek to extend our students’ capacity in the language through their participation in language-related competitions and activities.

Key Programmes:
• MTL Fortnight
• Malay Language Thru' the Arts
• Enrichment Programmes @ Terrific Thursday
• Experiential Learning/ Learning Journey
• Internal and External Competitions

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Appreciation of Nasi Ambeng 
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Visit to Bollywood Veggies
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Gamelan Workshop
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Drama Workshop
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Gentarasa Performance
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Visit to MHC
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Pintar Kata Competition
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Sahibba Competition