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Mathematics Department

In NV, we want our students to be excited about learning Mathematics.

The NV mathematics curriculum recognises the diverse learning needs of our students and we have a fundamental belief that all students can learn mathematics.

We want our students to understand Mathematics on a deeper level and become competent problem solvers who can appreciate how Mathematics is applied in the real world.

Students will be guided to make detailed observations and analyse evidence by examining real world data derived from a variety of contexts and interpret the data collected using sound mathematical principles.

The Mathematics department aims to
      1. engage students through providing a differentiated academic curriculum and a learner-centred environment while harnessing the strengths of ICT and curriculum innovations,

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    2. excite students through the use of experiential learning and technological tools that allows them to see the relevance of Mathematics,

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    3. enrich students by creating learning opportunities for students to analyze, interpret, formulate, make connections and apply                      mathematical concepts to real world situations.

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Mathematics Trail

To nurture the joy of learning, the Secondary 2 Express and Normal (Academic) students will take part in the annual Mathematics Trail, organized by our teachers where students use their creative thinking skills to solve real world problems at different stations. Through this activity, the students get to experience the relevance of Mathematics around them and work together as a team. This will complement classroom lessons to further enhance their learning.

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Singapore Mathematics Competition for Normal Course

This annual competition aims to stimulate greater interest and enrich students’ knowledge in Mathematics. It also provides an opportunity for Normal Course students to showcase their talent in mathematical knowledge and skills through solving challenging questions.


Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Training & Competition

As  part of our Talent Development Programme, a 10-week Math Olympiad Training will be organized for a selected group of Secondary Two Express students. This training programme aims to develop in our students’ higher-order problem solving skills which include non-routine, open-ended and real-world problems.