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Mother Tongue

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Mother Tongue Department

Chinese Language

The Chinese Language Unit aims to develop students’ passion and interests in Chinese Language. With the goal of helping every student to achieve the highest proficiency levels of Chinese Language, we adopt various teaching methodologies to cater to the different needs of our students. We provide vibrant and effective teaching to enhance the students’ communication skills and inculcate their cultural awareness and appreciation. 

We organise various exciting and enriching programmes to engage our students in the learning of Chinese Language. These programmes include Cultural Language Camp, Mother Tongue Fortnight, Learning Journey, Author-in-Residence Programme (Reading and Writing), Cultural Performance and Exposure, Conversational Chinese and Malay(CCM), School-wide Reading Programme and Language or Cultural Competitions. The Chinese Language Unit also seeks to preserve our traditions and core values and thus maintain our leading position in the competitive world.

Decorating CNY Hampers for Seniors at Ju Eng Home.jpeg
Decorating CNY Hampers for Seniors at Ju Eng Home
Having fun with Traditional Games.jpeg
Having fun with Traditional Games

In-house Calligraphy session for our teachers.jpeg
In-house Calligraphy session for our teachers

Inter-Class Calligraphy Competition in Progress.jpgSec 1 MTL Fortnight Traditional Games
Sec 1 MTL Fortnight Traditional Games.jpegInter-Class Calligraphy Competition in Progress

Posing with our proud work-1.jpeg
Posing with our proud work-2.jpg
Posing with our proud work!

Malay Language

The Malay Language Unit designs an engaging and meaningful curriculum that focuses on providing real world and authentic experience for students to learn the language. As such, our academic outline and enrichment programmes aim to educate and empower students to create their own learning experience in acquiring language skills and cultural exposure. Our various types of enrichment programmes enable students to ‘read the word and the world’.

Through the learning of the language, we also aim to equip students with the relevant skills and knowledge needed to adapt to the changing needs of the society. In addition, participation in language-related competitions and engagement with the community hopes to nurture our students to be critical readers, creative writers and reflective thinkers.

Key Programmes:

  • Values-In-Action (VIA)
  • Enrichment Programmes
  • Internal and external competitions
  • Malay Language Ambassadors (Rakan Bahasa)
  • Mother Tongue Language Fortnight (MTL Fortnight)
  • Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme (CCM)

Sharing on the significance of Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebration

MTL Fortnight activities: Learning how to make bunga rampai and ketupat

Appointment of Malay Language Ambassadors
Translation Program: Learning about herbs in Malay