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Physical Education & Sports Science Department

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Physical Education Department

Physical Education & Sports Science Department

North Vista Secondary School’s PE and Sports Science Department continues to pride itself on a holistic curriculum that aims to inculcate the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle to all Vistarians. Physical Education is shared with the students based on the pillars of Rigour, Relevance and Reflective Learning. Our curriculum and programmes were designed to Engage, Excite and Enrich students, as we worked towards the ultimate goal of teaching them good values through sports and games.

In line with the revised PE curriculum, our Department continued to plan 12 to 16 hours of engaging and affective learning for each sport that the students learnt. Besides the usual staple of Athletics, Netball, Football, Badminton and Basketball, students also tried newer sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Floorball, Tchoukball and Tag Rugby. On top of that, students had the opportunity to create games and also learn disability sports like Goalball and Seated Volleyball. Some of these sports that the students learnt would culminate in an inter class game, so that students get the opportunity to display their values of friendship, respect and excellence that they have learnt through their journey of learning the sport.

For Outdoor Education, students tried their hand at orienteering and outdoor cooking skills, in preparation for their adventure camps during their time in school. Fitness training continued to take on new dimensions, with progressive training being key in their NAPFA preparation, and more game-based functional fitness embedded in their sporting drills.

The annual Vistarian Road Run event was preceded with a school-wide ‘Wave’ event where students recreate the famous Kallang Wave in creative ways to celebrate the return of mass sporting events. The competitive run event took place at the Sports Hub this year, with relay teams from each classes race each other around the 100Plus Promenade running track.

The Inter-Class Games resumed this year, with the Secondary 1 to 3 students taking part in four events:

Secondary 1 – Soccer and Captain’s Ball

Secondary 2 – Basketball

Secondary 3 – Netball

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Exercise and Sports Science (ESS - 6081)

Our school offers the O’ Level subject of Exercise and Sports Science as an Elective subject since its inception in 2018. The course aims to impart basic sports science knowledge and physical skills in two physical activities (one individual and one team sport) to students who are interested in learning about human movement and sports.

To make learning authentic, the ESS students are given the opportunity to organize and participate in the annual NV PE & SS Conference held for ESS students in Singapore. They also have the opportunity to compete at various sporting events such as Combined Schools Meet and N1 Cluster Games to hone their skills through competitions.


The Secondary 3 ESS cohort visited Republic Polytechnic’s School of Sports, Health and Leisure in September and were given a tour of its sports laboratories. During the tour, our students got to try out some of the lab experiments and learn about the use of exercise testing in improving sporting performance. Through the tour, we understand the work of a sports scientist and know more about the sports-related diplomas that Republic Polytechnic offers.

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