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National Education

Total Defence Day

The school commemorated Total Defence Day on 12 February 2018. The theme for this year’s Total Defence campaign is ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’, focusing on the many ways we can put Total Defence into action in our everyday lives.

The lower and upper secondary students were involved in different activities during the celebration. The lower secondary students were first given a brief introduction on the five pillars of Total Defence, mainly Military, Social, Economic, Psychological and Civil defence. After the introduction, the students had the opportunity to give a creative interpretation of the five pillars of total defence and presented it in the form of a mascot using recycled materials and other art materials that they brought.

The Secondary 3 students did a class activity called ‘Govern For A Day’. During the activity, students took on the role of ministers to allocate budget for the five pillars of total defence.

In line with the theme ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’, the Secondary 4 and 5 students first walked down memory lane by looking at the different activities that they had done throughout the years during past Total Defence Day commemoration such as learning first aid skills and watching military personnels in action during an ‘emergency’ crisis. The students then learnt how each of them could play a part in ensuring the safety and security of Singapore.

International Friendship Day

‘Celebrating the ASEAN Community’ was the theme for International Friendship Day 2018. This year, IFD was celebrated on 2 April 2018.

The celebration this year focused on introducing and getting to know the background of our ASEAN neighbours. There were also in-class discussions based on a few selected articles from the Straits Times IN Edition where some Singaporeans shared about their experiences while travelling to other ASEAN countries. Students were encouraged to share their personal experiences visiting other countries. From the sharing, students shared what they have learnt about the culture of different countries. They realised that despite living in a developed country, there were many things that they were not able to experience here. This includes unique dishes, sceneries as well as observing unique cultures, activities and traditions about the countries that they have visited.

Racial Harmony Day

On 16 July 2018, the school celebrated Racial Harmony Day. The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Diversity Our Strength’. The lower secondary and upper secondary students participated in various activities that exposed them to different aspects of the multi-racial culture in Singapore.

The Secondary 1 and 2 students bonded through ethnic dancing. Three different dance tutorials featuring traditional dances from the three main ethnic groups in Singapore, Malay, Chinese and Indian, were shown in class.

The Secondary 3 to 5 students participated in the Racial Harmony Day logo-drawing competition. This competition tests the creativity of students in capturing the essence of various ethnic groups in one logo. Students designed a variety of creative logos that represents the multi-racial community. The logos portrayed various aspects of the different cultures such as their traditional dishes and traditional costumes.

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Total Defence Day (2).jpgRacial Harmony Day (3).jpgTotal Defence Day (1).jpg

National Day

To develop our students to become active contributors to society with a strong sense of national identity, the school organises the annual National Day Parade and Fundraising Carnival.


Started in 2017, this student-initiated and student-led event seeks to commemorate our nation’s birthday while instilling in Vistarians a sense of national pride. The carnival segment comprises food and game booths designed and run by the various CCA groups in a bit to raise funds for the beneficiaries of Community Chest Singapore. In addition, the members of the community including seniors from various community service organisations are invited to the school to enjoy the celebrations – an attempt by North Vista to extend our outreach beyond the school to members of the community.

In 2018, the planning of the National Day Carnival was led by our student leaders – Don (3E1), Asha (3E1), Edric (3E4), Sofea (3E5) and Wardina (3E5). Seniors from the Pacific Activity Centre @ Compassvale Ancilla also joined us for the National Day parade and carnival and were hosted by the students by the Service Learning Club.

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Values in Action

The Values in Action Programme in North Vista Secondary has been an exciting and diverse one in 2018

Students enjoyed working with Senior Citizens and youth within the community. This was in partnership with the People's Association Youth Movement as well as the Sengkang Youth Executive Committee. Students have also actively volunteered for organisations that support families in need such as The Food Bank and Willing Hearts. We also held a hamper-making drive during the Chinese New Year Celebrations in aid of the seniors at Ju Eng Home. Students also supported animal welfare by volunteering on site at Causes for Animals Singapore while supporting their fund raising and adoption efforts through community events such as the Pet Expo.

Students from the Lower Secondary stream were engaged in activities within the school community. This includes 'Portraits of NV' where Secondary One students were tasked with finding out more about the difficulties faced by our school janitors and how they can play a part to help. In partnership with the Literature department, students wrote poems and shared them at Morning Assembly to express their gratitude to the janitors. They also prepared gifts including a thermal flask and card for the janitors. Students from the Secondary Two level worked within their classrooms to create an area which was environmentally friendly in a bid to advocate the need for a clean and green environment.

The Secondary Four and Five VIA projects this year revolved around helping various communities in need. The students worked with a community they were most interested in helping. The students worked with animals, the elderly and even in soup kitchens! The range of projects was based on the needs of the respective organisations they volunteered with. Three classes supported the needs of Causes for Animals Singapore by running fund-raisers, adoption drives and even helping on-site at the Adoption Centre. Several other classes volunteered their time and cooking skills at The Willing Hearts Kitchen while other classes lent their support to Walk for Rice, in aid of needy families together with the Secondary Three students.

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