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Applied Learning Programme

Contextual Theme: Cities and Urban Landscapes

From Farm to Table Programme

Under the Singapore Green Plan 2030, there is renewed emphasis on safeguarding food security in order to build a resilient future for Singapore.  North Vista’s ALP focus on sustainable farming allows students to make connections between classroom learning and authentic problems and opportunities that they encounter in everyday life.  It also introduces students to STEM-related areas, provides opportunities for students to learn beyond their textbooks, identify their aptitudes and interests and make informed decisions on their education and career choices in future.

All Secondary 1 students have the opportunity to learn about growing edibles using traditional farming methods.  They also learn skills of collaboration and knowledge application as they take charge of the farm plot allocated to their class.  Students are able to cook and learn about dishes using the harvested crops. 

All Secondary 2 students engage in high-tech farming and participate in workshops on indoor farming and hands-on sessions to grow edibles using a hydroponics system.  Students who have passion and interest in the area may also deepen their learning through learning experiences with other organisations and higher institutions of learning.

The ALP Farm-to-Table Programme 2022 consists of 2 tiers:





Lower Secondary

    • Secondary 1: Growing edibles using traditional methods
    • Secondary 2: Growing edibles using high tech farming methods (hydroponics)


Lower Secondary

Upper Secondary

    • Growing fruited vegetables (for example, bitter gourd,
    • long beans and luffa) using traditional methods
    • Experimentation in growing edibles using high tech
    • farming methods (hydroponics)
    • Participation in talks relating to food sustainability
    • Competitions organised by STEM Inc and Science Centre: Eat-Your-Farm Competition
    • Plots on Bloom Programme for Biology students
    • Learning Journeys

Secondary 1 – From Farm-To-Table Programme (Using traditional farming methods - soil)

ALP22-1.jpgPreparation of medium for seed sowing

ALP22-2.jpgLearning more about farming tools
 ALP22-3.jpgFarm-To-Table workshop for Sec 1 students conducted by our NV Staff
 ALP22-4.jpgWeeding – a test of resilience
 ALP22-5.jpgHarvesting in Progress
 ALP22-6.jpgHarvesting completed


 A conversation on NV’s Applied Learning Programme with Minister Chan Chun Sing

Secondary 2 – From Farm-To-Table Programme (Using High Tech Farming Methods - Hydroponics)

ALP22-9.jpgAssembling the class’s hydroponics system

ALP22-10.jpgTopping up nutrient solution

ALP22-11.jpgMeasuring the EC value

ALP22-12.jpgHarvesting in Progress
ALP22-13.jpgAeroponics in NV
 Sharing about the NV’s ALP High Tech Farming experience with Minister Chan Chun Sing

Secondary 3 (Tier 2 Programme)

alp-s3i.jpgA first-hand experience at the Food Research Laboratory

alp-s3ii.jpgDetermining gluten content in wheat flour at a Food Science Laboratory
alp-s3iii.jpgWorking hard to prepare soil beds. Getting it ready before transplanting takes place
Weekly maintenance required. Displaying the school value of Care… Caring for the plants till they are ready for harvest

The fruit of their labour (okra and corn) by Secondary 3 Biology students
alp-s3vii.jpgFrom Farm-To-Table… An unbelievable innovation - Salmon Kang Kong Pasta  Freshly made from hydroponically grown kangkong

A whole-school approach… Teachers at work!

ALP22-16.jpgTransplanting in Progress

ALP22-17.jpgTeachers working on the Herb Garden

ALP22-18.jpgCaring for the Herb Garden