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Drama Club

The Drama Club was established the year North Vista opened its doors. The Club was started with the aim of teaching members about the different elements of theatre by providing them with the opportunity to work both on-stage and backstage. Through these learning opportunities, we also hoped to help our members develop a love for theatre and foster a sense of confidence in acting as well as in speaking English.


NV Drama has certainly had an eventful year, the most significant change being our merger with Chinese Drama to become a singular Drama Club. We welcomed our new members with open arms and quickly ensured that they felt at home in the new CCA.


Over the years, the Drama Club has done well for itself during the bi-annual Singapore Youth Festival as well as during other external competitions. And in the future, we aim to continue doing so.


Name of Competition



Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)
Art Presentation

Certificate of Accomplishment


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)
Art Presentation

Certificate of Distinction


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)

Art Presentation

Certificate of Accomplishment


Human Values Drama Festival

Certificate of Participation


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)

Arts Presentation

Certificate of Accomplishment


Human Values Drama Festival

Best Script Award - 2nd Runner-Up

Ms Natasha Kirenjit Singh

Ms Anita Tiwari


Mr Dominic

CCA leaders:

Mikhail Sufyan Furtado (3E2 2019)

Esmeralda De Leon Sim (3E5 2019)

Chua Ruimin Brinda (3N2 2019)

Janelle Chan Wann Yunn (3N2 2019)

Training Schedule





3.30 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.

EL Room / Music Room


3.30 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.

The most exciting event of 2017 was the Singapore Youth Festival. Work on our piece, Serangoon North Avenue 1, started at the start of the year, with auditions, workshops and many rehearsals. The cast and crew worked very hard on the piece, with cast perfecting their expression, projection and ensemble work, while crew members had to quickly learn to perfect lights, sound and a large set including 3 huge 2m-high panels as “windows” and “gates”. Together with our instructors, Ms Naquiah and Mr Sugi, the team certainly put their heart and soul into the piece about a property agent who is selling her late grandmother's old flat on Serangoon North Avenue 1, feeling sentimental and nostalgic as she remembers all the wonderful memories in the flat. Our hard work paid off as we were awarded with the Certificate of Distinction at the SYF Judging 2017. While we celebrated, the team did not rest on their laurels and worked hard to ensure that the re-staging of the same piece for NV Arts Night was just as good as the SYF staging, if not better.

This year, Drama Club also included a new division for Debate. The team of debaters trained for and took part in the Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships 2017, as well as several other friendly tournaments and matches organized by other schools or Debate Association. It was especially demanding as motions or topics are only released a week before the match, giving the team only a few days to research, meet and practice. Along the way, the debaters gained confidence, general knowledge and communication skills.

Our VIA project for 2017, re:ACT International, is a project that brings students from schools around Singapore through the virtual world to help students in Cambodia, to go across lands without crossing borders and connect with Cambodian students who live in the Steung Meanchey, the slum site of the former garbage dump. Our club members workshopped and developed short skits depicting various situations in which gender discrimination still exists today.

Next year, we hope to continue working on our VIA project and to grow together as a club.

At a friendly debate tournament.JPGDoing the makeup for our Nenek or Grandmother character.JPG
Passionately delivering his speech.JPGOvercoming nerves to deliver her 3rd speaker speech.JPG
The Debate team taking Opposition.JPGHappy that they won the debate2.JPG
Serious for the rehearsal at the Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre.JPGSYF Cast in full makeup2.JPG
The SYF Cast and Crew at Goodman Arts Centre with instructor Ms Naq.JPGWatching a play - Coraline.JPG