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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

 Investigative Science in Health and Sports

The North Vista Applied Learning Programme (NV ALP) aims to develop an inquiring and informed thinker with the capacity to engage with the big ideas of investigative science for personal decision-making and participation in civic society. Integrating the disciplines of Science, Math, Physical Education and Food & Nutrition, the programme provides differentiated, experiential and authentic learning experiences that guide students to explore and apply scientific reasoning, methodologies and theories in their daily lives.

The key objectives are: 
  • To excite students through investigative science to develop and strengthen students’ interest in Health and Sports 
  • To enrich students’ learning through applying content knowledge to authentic real-world contexts
  • To engage students through providing differentiated, experiential and authentic learning experiences 

Programme Overview
1 Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)
Students will learn and then apply their knowledge of investigative science in the area of forensics.  Students will carry out science-related experiments in order to solve a puzzle. Each experiment is designed to develop students’ skills in scientific inquiry and investigation.
2 The Health Detective
Students will learn about food safety and molecular gastronomy techniques in food preparation. They will also be presented with profiles of different athletes to develop a food product.
3 The Vistarian Explorer
Students will investigate reasons behind patterns of actual graphs from exercise heart rate monitors. They will also engage with experts in specialized fields through the PE & Sports Science Conference and internship programmes.

Activities designed at each level will guide students to engage with the tools, rules, patterns, ethics and language of the disciplines, apply their knowledge and make interdisciplinary and real-world connections. Students will appreciate that knowledge and skills are not discrete but work together in an integrated manner to create meaning and understanding and open them up to A World of Possibilities. 

Crime Scene Investigation

Constructing and using a counterfeit note detector


Making measurement from a shoe impression

Testing Blood types

Learning basic electronics and programming

Making spaghetti from soup

Food Science project presentation