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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Nurturing Creative Problem-Solvers through Arts and Design
The North Vista Learning for Life Programme (NV LLP) aims to develop active citizens who are able to empathise with and respond creatively to the needs of the community. Integrating the elements of Visual Arts, Design and Technology as well as Values-in-Action, the programme shapes the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes of individual students to contribute to the betterment of society.

The Key Objectives of the Programme are
  • To excite students through various platforms of expression that deepen their knowledge and skills in Visual Arts and Design and Technology
  • To enrich students’ learning through applying content knowledge to authentic real-world contexts
  • To engage students through differentiated, experiential and authentic learning experiences in ordering to develop empathy, confidence, creativity and citizenship






Our Unsung Heroes

Students will learn and then apply their knowledge of the design thinking process to suggest innovative solutions to challenges faced by unsung heroes found within their sphere of influence. Students will express their opinion through photography and infographics.


iCare: Our Community

Students will discover the underlying problems in community issues and propose innovative solutions to mitigate these challenges. Students will express their opinion through Visual Arts.


Interview Skills Workshop


Photography Workshop

One of the winning photos from the photography workshop (Taken by Wu Zhiyuan, Sec 1E5)