Student Leadership

Every Vistarian a dynamic leader with the heart to serve

 The Student Leadership Committee is committed to:

      i.        Providing leadership training to all Vistarians

     ii.        Identifying students with leadership potential and developing them through further training and conferring a position of responsibility on them

    iii.        Providing platforms for student leaders to demonstrate leadership qualities

    iv.        Providing opportunities for Specialised League student leaders to be leadership mentors

     v.        Recognising student leaders through the LEAPS 2.0 framework

Our desired outcomes of NV Student Leaders

We want all NV Student Leaders to…

1.    Be responsible decision makers with a compassion for others

2.    Be exemplary in their actions

3.    Collaborate with others and build harmonious teams

4.    Lead with humility, confidence and integrity

5.    Envision goals and empower others


Leadership Training

Every Vistarian will be equipped with basic leadership skills through their level camps conducted yearly from Secondary 1 to 3. In addition, students will have the opportunity to apply the values, knowledge and skills learn through their leadership roles at class, CCA or school level.


NV Student Leadership Opportunities

There are 3 groups of Student Leaders in North Vista – Prefectorial Board, CCA Leaders and Class Committee.

Overall SLC.jpeg

Prefectorial Board

As the apex of the Student Leadership body, the NV Prefectorial Board spearheads the following:

  • Management of morning duties
  • Enhancement of student welfare (gathering student feedback)
  • Organisation and support for school-wide events (e.g. NV Open House, Sec 1 Orientation)
  • Spearheading self-initiated activities (e.g. VIA projects)

Prefectorial Board 1.jpeg
Prefectorial Board 2.jpeg

CCA Leaders

CCA leaders work closely with the teachers-in-charge and coaches to lead and motivate CCA members to work towards CCA goals. 

CCA 2.jpeg
CCA 1.jpeg

Class Committee

Class Committee members support Form teachers and Subject teachers in ensuring that the class is well-maintained in terms of order and discipline. They are also involved in the planning of class-based activities and also events such as Youth Day and Teachers’ Day.

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Class Comm Photo 2.jpeg